Healthcare in Poland

The healthcare system in Poland is based on general health insurance system which is represented by National Health Fund (NFZ) and on the private healthcare benefits offered by the employer.

The employer registers the new employee with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and pays for all necessary costs,for health and social insurances.

The insured person is obligated to register family members with the NFZ if they have no medical insurance. This includes:

  • spouses
  • children under the age of 18 or under the age of 26 in they continue their education or with no age limit (if a child is severely disabled)
  • parents and grandparents – if they stay in the same household as the insured

Paying taxes for public healthcare give people right to use it for medical examinations, health protection, medical treatment, disease and continuous prevention, emergency medical care, surgery, etc.

It is good to know that health care facilities in Poland are either public or privately owned and you can use both of them. It is a common practice in many companies in Poland to cover private medical healthcare for their employees.

The standard of healthcare in Poland is high with well trained medical staff (many of whom speak excellent English) and excellent medical facilities. The cost of medical care is much lower than that in the rest of Europe and a lot of people come to Poland to take advantage of this, especially for dentists.

Spartez also offers all employees additional private healthcare facilities by Luxmed.