Why You Should Move to One of The Fastest Growing IT Hubs in Poland

The Tricity is not only about beaches, clean air and holiday resorts!

Poland’s Baltic seaside cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia have gone unnoticed for the longest time, but with the recent investments, these cities have emerged as IT, Tech and Startup Hubs. You will hear a lot of people talking about coming to the Tricity for a holiday, but let us tell you why you should just pack your bags and move here!

The Tricity is steeped in history

If you like soulless concrete jungles, then this is not the place for you. The Tricity of Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia are steeped in history. We are talking about three cities with over a 1200 years of combined history. Cities that have faced events which have shaped world history!

From being the city where WWII started to being the place where the Solidarity movement began, Gdansk is full of places that you will never tire of visiting. Sopot, the spa town, has always been a popular holiday destination. Gdynia, which is relatively a young city (When compared to 1021 year old Gdansk, 92 years seems kinda young!) started as a fisherman village and is today a vibrant harbour and hub of business and culture.

The quality of life is just too good!

If you are someone who loves living a good life without having to pay a lot for it, then you will love the Tricity! The Tricity boasts of a very high standard of living but a relatively low cost of living. The housing is affordable, the cities are well connected by buses, trains, trams, taxis and other forms of private transportation.

As an illustration, we have compared Gdansk to a few cities in Poland. You can also compare property prices, rent and cost of living using Numbeo

The cities are safe, going out is fun and easy on the wallet, and there are a lot of open green spaces and activities for families and individuals.

You may be a lot of things, but you will never be bored in the Tricity.

A diverse & vibrant community

If meeting new people from a variety of cultures is your cup of tea, then the Tricity is going to blow you away! Historically and in modern times, all three cities have been hubs of trade and tourism, resulting in a melting pot of culture. Walking down a street and running into someone from as far as Japan or as close as Norway is not uncommon, especially in the last decade. Because of investments in infrastructure, the Tricity has grown to become the destination of choice for international businesses. This has resulted in an influx of expatriates who add to the vibrancy and diversity of the Tricity.

The three cities are some of the best connected cities in Europe in terms of flight, ferry and bus connections to other cities in Poland and Europe. The Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport is the 3rd largest airport in Poland, the 100th largest in Europe and has served over 4.6 million passengers in 2017! The airport connects the Tricity to over 50 destinations within Poland and the EU and services LOT,Ryanair and Wizz Air amongst other major airlines.

We are also well connected by ferries and cruises to over 10 destinations within the EU and of course Polski Bus and the PKP Intercity connects you to the rest of Poland and other parts of the EU.

True to its history, the Tricity is a crossroad for those who love to travel and explore.

The Tricity is a magnet for international companies

The development of the Tricity has been phenomenal! From sleepy laid back cities to a thriving metropolis, the Tricity has become a hub for IT, tech, startups and SMEs along with many many international names. The cities are abuzz with young talented professionals who are living their dream, working with great companies, offering great benefits and a chance to work with some of the best teams and products in the market.

Walk around the city, hang out in coffee shops and you are sure to hear names like Jira and Bamboo being bandied around by young professionals from across the world. The companies offer great benefits (as if moving to the Tricity wasn’t amazing enough!) to expatriates and Poles alike.

Spartez, a well known company in the Tricity and the international market offers a great relocation package and a relocation bonus while assisting you to ensure that your relocation is as smooth as possible. We help you with visa sponsorship and documents, work permits and any other legal issues that we can help with. We also offer great perks like language lessons, direct access to the CEO with the ‘Friday Mornings with the CEO sessions’, an education budget and a chance to chart your own professional path. You can check out the perks here.

The companies also offer a great work environment (to go with the overall environment of the Tricity) and allow the employees to learn, grow and innovate while excelling at what they do. You can check out some of our innovative benefits here.

We are clean, green and very happy!

If you love living in a place where you can see for miles around and where it’s totally cool for you to stop and say hello to a random person on the street and have a conversation with them, then the Tricity is the place for you!

Known to be one of the cleanest areas in Poland and the CEE region, there is just something about the Tricity air that makes you want to stop and take a deep breath or just hang out in one of the open green spaces and let all your worries go! #Didyouknow that the Trojmiejski Park Krajobrazowy (Tricity Landscape Park) even has a bike trail and picnic spot called the “Happiness Valley” around the historic and beautiful Oliwa.

As a spa and party town, Sopot is always full of happy people looking for the next place to party or just taking a walk along the clean beach or hangout at the longest pier in Europe.

Gdynia has been voted as one of the happiest cities in Poland and rightfully so, even the bus drivers smile at you when you ask them a question! We found a great article, explaining it really means to be in the Tricity, you can read it here

The Tricitians take their fitness seriously, as it can be seen by the number of fitness related events that happen here. We have marathons, triathlons, Iron Man in Gdynia, 3 cities European cycling challenge and other activities. #DidYouKnow that The Tricity top the list of The Best Cycling Cities in Europe? Not only that, we have also won the European Cycling Challenge for two consecutive years of participating Great, right!

Mother Nature loves the Tricity

If you are a concrete buff, then the Tricity is going to confound you with the sheer abundance of nature.

From forests with great hiking trails to hills to climb, to sand dunes to breathtaking beaches to skiing slopes, the Tricity has it all!

There is something for everyone - If you like Kitesurfing, we have Puck Bay, which is one of the best places in Europe for kitesurfing. If you like trail running, then we have great trails suitable for the MTB Pomerania Marathons. If you like skiing, we have multiple locations. If you like hiking, we have many forests. Basically, what we are trying to say is that if you like something to do with nature, we are sure to have it!

If you want, you can even venture out of the Tricity and make your way to Kaszubia and enjoy the amazing Kashubian Lake District with breathtaking lakes that lie 149 to 216 metres above sea level.

There is always something to do

Are you one of those people who hate exploring or just like hanging out at home? Beware, the Tricity will not let you do that! The Tricity has a very busy event and social calendar with regular meet-ups, concerts, fairs and everything fun.

Come hail or high water, you'll find a roster of events to enjoy in the TriCity. Spring and summer boast the lion's share of the cultural banquet, with some marvellous festivals related to music, theatre and the maritime realm

If you like music, we have live music, the Tricity Jazz Festivals, concerts, music festivals like the Open’er Festival, the International Festival of Street and more.

If you like sailing, you are going to be inundated with choices, including an international regatta. You like board games, you can meet enthusiasts who share your passion. You like trying out food, you can meet fellow gourmands at food related meet-ups.

The International Festival of Street is one of the star attractions - this draws comical and acrobatic characters (often both combined) from across the world. Expect a dazzling show in which the lines between actor and performer are blurred. Another hit that lures big international names is Gdansk's Musical Summer, which runs top notch classical concerts across the city. One of the oldest and also the most prestigious annual events in Gdansk is the St. Dominic's Fair.

Another established event is Gdynia's Film Festival, which remains one of the most important celluloid celebrations in Poland. Many of the country's most famed directors have taken part in the competition.

Last but not least is Sail Gdansk, which sees the Bay come alive with a flotilla of fantastic sailing vessels. This event usually takes place in July and it's a must for maritime maniacs.

Like we said, you will be spoilt for choice! You can view the complete calendar of events at Trojmiasto.pl or Tricitynews.pl.

We have some of the biggest and best of Europe

If you are not competitive, you might not get why we are so proud of having some of the oldest, tallest, longest and biggest in Europe and the world!

Falowiec at 850 meters is the second longest residential building in Europe while Olivia Star at 180 meters is one of the tallest buildings in Northern Europe. Gdansk Old Town is one of the biggest city centers in Europe, while Sopot Pier is longest pier in Europe. The Gdansk Politechnika is among the top 10 most beautiful universities in Europe.

If that was not enough, St. Mary’s Basilica is recognised as the largest brick church in the world! Yeah, we are kinda competitive sometimes!

It’s not us who says that we are one of the best

You probably already know it, but we are so proud of it that we had to say it. It’s not only us who loves the Tricity! Gdańsk has been awarded with the honour of being one of the best destinations in Europe, while TripAdvisor has voted Gdańsk to be one of the top 10 upcoming destinations of 2017-2018.

As much as you never thought about moving to the Tricity, we are sure that you are thinking about it now! Just to help you reach a decision even faster, check out our open positions here and have a legit reason to give in to the itch to move here!

And well, here is something that will make you want to move here even more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Welcome to the Tricity

Atlassian has acquired Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. (formerly Spartez sp. z o.o. sp. k.), the company that has been primarily providing software research & development services for Atlassian since its inception.

If you are interested in a job at Atlassian, please visit the Careers page. The Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. website will no longer be maintained separately. Please refer to atlassian.com or reach out through Contact Page for any questions.

Spartez Software, the company that is focused on the products business, will continue to develop its products and is not affected by the acquisition. If you are interested in these products, Spartez Software, or need support, please visit spartez-software.com.

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