SpartaClaus Came To Town

December is a time of celebration and this year we had many reasons to celebrate! Not only was it Christmas and the end of a particularly good year, it is also the year when we turned 10 and became truly global, with over 120 Spartans from 13 countries!

This year, as per tradition, we celebrated with a Christmas party for the junior Spartans and a party for the senior Spartans. But, that is where the similarities ended!

The Spartez Christmas Party - The Junior Edition

Held at Hotel Focus in Gdansk city centre, the party was a fun affair. The kids dressed up in creative costumes were entertained by an experiment conducting reindeer, the snow queen, and elves. They also enjoyed a tasty and healthy dinner.

The kids got to participate in daring scientific experiments, play games, and make Christmas soaps. We must say, the junior Spartans LOVED their glitter! The star of the show was of course, Santa Claus, who gathered the kids around, told them some interesting stories, and gave away some lovely Christmas presents!

The Spartez Christmas Party & 10 Anniversary Celebration - The Senior Edition

Friday afternoon saw the Spartans leaving for Jastarnia for a fun overnight trip. The dress code for the party was smart formals and masks and, boy!, the Spartans sure know how to dress up!

The dress code had the Spartans pull out all stops on their creativity and we saw some amazing masks! We had the Zorros, the Foxes, a marshmallow, a scarecrow, gas masks, welders, Spartans, and many more! Here are a few….

The party started with a short welcome by our co-founders & CEOs Wojciech Seliga and Marek Went, followed by a (not so) short walk down memory lane with a presentation of some of the best moments from the last 10 years, followed by dinner.

The Spartan Awards 2017

Dinner was followed by the Spartan Awards 2017. The awards recognise Spartans who have managed to amaze and entertain with their incredible feats of wit and daring! This year, there were 10 categories and 12 well deserved winners!

During dinner, we asked the Spartans to nominate the most creative masks. According to popular vote, nominees for The Most Creative Masks were...

And, the winner was.....

After dinner, the Spartans were entertained by the super talented three-member called, The Voice of Spartez. They sang some really cool Christmas songs which got everyone in the party mood. The plan was to do 3 songs, but they were not allowed off stage till they had given a mini concert and ran out of songs to sing.

Spartans were then invited for a walk to the beach where they were wow’ed by a laser show, showcasing the Spartez journey, and then a mini light and sound show with some great music that got everyone dancing! “Oh! This feels like we are at an international concert!”, said a few Spartans.

Once the laser show was over, we got back inside and that is when the party started. The DJ started with some foot tapping music and the Spartans lit up the floor! The dancing was interspersed with karaoke sessions where our more daring Spartans took the stage and wow’ed us (or not!) with their singing poweress.

As promised, the party went on till sunrise, when some of the more adventurous Spartans (who shall not be named) decided to bring in the sunrise on the beach!

For us, these parties are more than just a chance to get away. It's a chance to recharge, really get to know our colleagues, discover hidden talents, and make some fun memories (and embarrassing photos!).

Until next year!