What You Can Expect At Our Open Day 2017

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the Spartez Open Day 2017, so we decided to talk a bit more about what our visitors (real and virtual) can expect on the day.

To start with, if you are a visitor, you will be welcomed at the office by the Talent Team at 5:00 pm (UTC/GMT +2 hours). You will receive a welcome pack before you are taken for a tour of the office. You will be visiting the working areas, our conference rooms, and finally converge in the pantry.

During the tour, you will get a chance to meet various Spartans, who will talk to you about the products they are working on and about life at Spartez.

After the first part of the tour, you will be treated to a few short presentations as follows:

Welcome To Spartez

Wojciech Seliga
Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CEO

Wojciech, one of the original Spartans, will be talking about Spartez, what it means to be a Spartan and the products we work on. The presentation will highlight the values that drive the culture at Spartez. Wojciech, known for his outspokenness, straight shooting and often controversial views about the industry will definitely set the right tone for the rest of the evening.

Product Engineering: life is too short to build things no one wants

Martin Henderson
Engineering Manager

Martin’s presentation will be about gaining a deeper understanding of Product Engineering and how the teams at Spartez use certain principles to design products like Jira, Bamboo, Crowd and Fisheye/Crucible.

The Spartan App Menu

Katarzyna Derenda
Head of Product Marketing and Sales

Katarzyna will be talking about four of our most well known products; the Agile Cards. Agile Poker, Agile Retro and TFS4Jira. In this presentation you will learn more about the products, their usability and be part of a fun, live demo.

Jira Cloud Teams

Roman Lutsiv
Software Development Manager

Roman was one of the visitors during the Open Day in 2015 . He joined us as a Software Development Manager. He will be talking about the cloud team, the projects being run on Jira Cloud, the skills they are looking for, the challenges they face and why it’s cool to be part of the Cloud Team.

After the presentations, all of you (real and virtual) will get a chance to ask questions and interact with the presenters before continuing with the rest of the tour.

After the tour, we will have a fun networking session with a contest where the all of you get a chance to walk away with some awesome Spartez swag!

Well, here’s your chance to get to know us, our products and get some face time with our teams. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Open Day.