Open Day 2017

Open Day 2017

We, at Spartez are very proud of our groundbreaking products for the Atlassian ecosystem & agile methodology and our multicultural teams. We believe that our customers are our greatest treasure, while our people are our greatest assets. We also believe in being transparent and making Spartez a great place to work, a place where our employees love to give their best because they get recognised for their talent.

Every year for the last three years, we have hosted an open day, where we invite our partners, stakeholders, media and everyone who would like to know us better to visit our offices, meet the Spartans and learn more about our products and open positions. This year,for our fourth open day, we will also be streaming live, so that regardless of where you are, you can be part of this experience.

So, what really happens at these Open Days?

Well, we would like to say it's all serious stuff, but that would be lying! We invite our visitors to tour our awesome office at Garnizon, one of the cooler areas in Gdansk. The office, spread over multiple floors features various working, fun, collaborative spaces and a very nice pantry (if we say so ourselves!). For those visiting, the office is easily accessible by buses, cars, train and trams.

Aside from touring the facilities, the visitors also get to meet various employees, attend mini presentations where they learn more about the Spartez products, organisational culture, current openings and get to meet and interact with Team Spartez. These sessions allow them to get exclusive face time with some of the industry pioneers and ask them questions.

The visitors also get to have lots of fun, participate in an exciting contest and walk away with some great prizes.

Because of how popular these open days have become, this year we decided to stream them live, so that everyone who cannot attend because they are too far away don’t feel left out. Those visiting us via live streaming will also be able to ask questions, comment and participate in the contest.

Why should you attend?

If you are a team lead, a front-end or back-end developer, a QA engineer, a Java developer, a UX designer, a web developer, a product manager, a business analyst, a marketing superstar or a student looking for a kick-ass internship, this is the time for you to get up close and personal with one of the best companies in Poland!

Don't wait and register!

We would love to welcome you to our Open Day and our Open Day Live. You can ask us your questions in the comments section or click here to register for our event and to read more about what to expect on the day.