Spartez catches talents on Product Camp

What is Product Camp about?

Product Camp is a 2 day event for all people who are interested in areas of product management and usability. First day is booked for interactive workshops. The entirety of day 2 is dedicated for UX Camp. The agenda is created in the morning when all speakers pick up a slot and write titles of their presentations. At the same time, there are 6 different presentation paths. To help attendees choose easier, speakers comes to the stage just before next round of speeches and invite people to their view presentations. Each presentation was no longer than 30 min.

But how to encourage people to come and talk to us?

We started to consider different options. We took part in Product Camp two years ago and during that event we were handed out specially made for this occasion T-shirts. Unfortunately, this idea crashed. Cups? No, again very typical. What about creating some riddle? The whole team voted - “yes, let’s do it :)”. So, we decided to create a labyrinth which was distributed by organizers to every participant within the event’s welcome bags. The instruction was simple: finish the whole labyrinth and come with it to the Spartez booth to redeem prizes. People who came with a solved riddle received special gifts: stickers, notebooks and ecological bags.

Gadgets?! Seriously?

Gadgets are great. However, we don’t want people to remember us only as a great gadgets provider. We want to sink in their memory as a great team and amazing place to develop UX skills and experience. This is why our UX guys, Paweł and Imran, prepared a presentation “Hack Design. How we design in Spartez and Atlassian” where they showed a few of their tricks. Just before the presentation they were a little fearful that nobody will attend, but it turned out to be almost a full house!

Meet the team

As I wrote at the beginning of this blogpost - people are the key. You don’t want to work with people you don’t like, right? Good and inspiring chemistry among people can lift the team off the ground. We care about positive energy at Spartez, we want people to see it and get inspired. This is why we created a special video which presents the whole team and outlines who we are looking for!

Obviously it was the official version:) If you would like to see their real faces, you should check:

At Spartez, hard work goes in pair with great fun! If you got interested in joining Spartez, don’t hesitate and take a look at our current openings. Become a part of our positive freaky team :)