Ladies’ Night is Coming!


Spartez Ladies Night 2016 Invitation

As most of you probably remember last year on the 8th of March we organized a special event at Spartez called Ladies Night. It was dedicated to all our Spartez Ladies and your Wives/Partners/Girlfriends. We would like to inform you that the second edition of Ladies' Night is coming again today on 8th of March. Just to remind you the original idea why we're organizing this event. The original idea arose during an informal conversation with the wives, partners, and girlfriends of theSpartezteam. They were curious as to what their men do during their working hours besides sitting in front of computers :-). In addition, it became apparent that they felt the Christmas party for families was great, but not quite enough to get to know each other better. They wanted to simply spend time with other women (without partners and kids) and share their experiences. Many of them had gone through great upheaval relocating to Gdańsk because of Spartez, and they missed their female friends. We decided to help them with getting to know each other and organised our first Ladies’ Night.

The first edition

Ladies Night 2016 at Spartez
Ladies Night 2016 at Spartez

We intentionally picked International Women’s Day for the first edition. It is one day of the year when men are more appreciative of our efforts and are also more eager to help with childcare :-). The meeting took place in our office. We started with a short tour around the workplace; it was great fun when the girls tried to guess which desks belonged to their partners. The second part of our evening was even more fun. Anna Brzezińska (gave a presentation about the differences in communication between women and men; it was based on real-life examples, which made it even more valuable. The second presentation was given by Iwona Stankiewicz who talked about bra fitting. After her presentation, all of the women were able to ask Iwona for advice. Once the presentations had taken place the more informal ‘chatting’ commenced. We talked about almost everything: kids, schools, passions, and living in Gdańsk to name but a few topics. The evening was a great success; everyone enjoyed the presentations as well as some delicious food and drink. The meeting started around 7 and the final girls left the office around midnight!

This year’s edition

Ladies Night 2017 Invitation

We are sure that this year will be even more fun :-). Now that we have so many more employees, even our largest conference room will not be able to accommodate all the girls we have invited. This is why Ladies’ Night 2017 will move away from the office and take place at the VNS Conference Centre. We have prepared a few surprises for our Ladies this year, and we hope you are all as excited as we are about our special night.

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