Life as a Product Manager for Jira Cloud

We are searching for a product manager to join our team, but what exactly is a product manager and what does it involve?

Product manager experience is a must

Spartez is looking for an accomplished and experienced Senior Product Manager for Jira Cloud. This exciting position comes at a unique moment as we continue to migrate from legacy enterprise servers to cloud-based servers. The position has arisen from the rapid growth of the department.Working with the team of 12 developers based in Gdansk and the Atlassian team in Sydney makes this a truly global role.

Variety of tasks

The role of a product manager is one that has great variety. To try and put things in a nutshell, they have to conceptualise and define products through analysis and customer research, and then coordinate the end-to- end development process. Being a people person is paramount; talking to customers to establish their needs and then communicating across departments to ensure everyone understands the product requirements whilst trying to get teams to produce what you require within timescales that will keep the customers happy. Therefore, multidirectional communication plays a large part in this role.

Keeping the customer happy is a difficult task in any environment, but particularly here. Saying ‘no’ to the customer and still keeping them on your side is a very special skill indeed. It is one part of the job that many find frustrating. When everyone is looking for different products or functionalities, it is impossible to keep them all happy. Having said that, there is nothing quite like receiving the positive feedback when the products are finally shipped, and you have met or exceeded the customer’s expectations.

A rewarding job

Seeing a product through from end-to-end makes the job really rewarding for our product managers. From the research stage right through to ‘polishing’ the product; the involvement at every level ensures the day is never repetitive.

A unique part of this role compared to many other product managers is working with the ecosystem. Not only does it involve producing products that work for the customer, but also for developers of partner businesses. It’s extremely satisfying to see their businesses develop and grow as a result of your achievements.

If you would like to find out more or apply for the position then click here. This really is a fantastic opportunity to come and join our team.

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