Spartez’s Got Talent – Episode 2

In Search of Passion

Following a ‘short’ break from our series, we are delighted to showcase our next participant in Spartez’s Got Talent. As discussed in the first episode, our recruitment process is geared heavily towards sourcing those who have unique talents and true passion; talents and passion that stretch far beyond the realms of the workplace. Maria Posternak, our graphic designer, perfectly encapsulates these qualities.

Art is a Way of Life

Tropical Kaleidoscope Tuu

It comes as no surprise to us that Maria has pursued a career in graphic design. Inspired at just three-years-of-age by the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmatians’, she has been creating ever since. For Maria, art is more than merely work or a hobby – it’s a way of life. Her philosophy is that the works of an artist are not solely a result of talent. She says that hard work and determination play just as important a role within the process.

She’s the One!

A battle for many artists is getting their work into the public domain, where it will be noticed and, hopefully, commissioned. This is a battle that Maria has managed to win. She has recently licensed a piece to the MTV USA programme ‘Are You the One?’. This is no mean feat, and is an achievement she is extremely proud of.

What a Contrast

Maria appears to enjoy contrasting styles, mediums and environments in her work. This is unquestionably manifested in her current project. She has collaborated with an artist from New Zealand to produce art, which combines hand-drawn images with digital art. The works focus on characters from Maori folklore and that of her native Ukraine. Although they have never met, technology has enabled them to conceptualise and realise this fascinating project. I am sure you will agree that the results are quite stunning!

Taniwha Vodianyk

Dreaming Big

Tang Dynasty Huff Post

The Huffington Post covered Maria’s work where she incorporated her digital art onto images of architecture. She creatively combined oriental inspired art forms with a variety of structures. This created great interest within the art world. Her dream is to be able to bring this type of concept into reality, and one day bring her work to life in the form of murals on the walls of drab and dated urban buildings.

She has also had her work displayed at a gallery in Berlin. The fruit of this was borne from the concept of bringing art to the packaging of beverages. The idea of bringing art to the masses truly appealed to Maria, and was a motivational key for unlocking her creativity. She is now in the process of organising an exhibition of her work in Sofia. The entire Spartez team has high hopes for our talented artist and we wish her every success with this.

Diana Lemonade Packing

The amazing praise we have received globally regarding Maria’s artwork for Spartez has been overwhelming. She really is a unique talent and her passion is undeniable. If all of this has whetted your appetite, then why not take a look here and see for yourself how our star really shines!

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