Live demos and Spartan rubber ducks at the Atlassian Summit

Atlassian Summit is an annual highlight for Jira, Confluence, HipChat and DevTools users. This year it is taking place from the 11th until the 13th of October in San Jose, California. The Spartez team is bringing new must-see tools and features for Jira Server and Cloud. If you are attending the Summit, don’t miss our booth. Share your context, see a demo and grab some of our awesome swag. Limited-edition Spartan rubber ducks & t-shirts full of team spirit will be there with us. Here’s what else we are bringing for the show.

Agile Cards. Adding handwritten issues to Jira

Most teams are using physical task boards for tracking and discussing their work. At conferences and during online demos our users describe walls of Post-It notes or Agile Cards. And how many hours are needed to update their Jira backlog after a few hours of solid planning. Such stories inspired us to start working on a major improvement in Agile Cards for Jira. We needed to find a way for uploading new tasks from handwritten notes scribbled down during stand-ups, war room discussions and meetings into Jira with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Adding issues to Jira using the OCR technology is not an uncommon idea. We researched the solutions a while back, but until recently there was none which really worked with handwritten text. And finally, the technology lives up to solve this problem. A few weeks ago, during an internal hackathon, we have tested a few OCR engines. We found out that there is an OCR that actually works perfectly. Our flagship add-on Agile Cards for Jira will soon be available with the OCR feature allowing users to add new Jira issues simply by writing the issue summary on a blank card with our KR-code on it. You can put such cards on a physical board and when it is time to update the Jira backlog or board with a photo, Agile Cards will add the new issue automatically, plus attach the card photo to the newly created issue. This feature will soon be available in Agile Cards for Jira, Server & Cloud, and we will be proudly demoing it at the Summit. Last but not least, the team behind this improvement won the aforementioned hackathon, having been voted as the best of over 30 submissions.

TeamHire. Tracking job candidates in Jira

Spartez is constantly expanding and a few senior Spartez team members are also part of our hiring team. Processing job candidates with care and at speed is the job supported by the TeamHire for Jira, an add-on we launched earlier this year on the Atlassian Marketplace. We are now happy to see its first implementations. With TeamHire your existing candidates can be imported into Jira. The recruitment process history can be accessed at any time by authorised members. The add-on enables integrated email and coding tests, automated CV serach, fast internal communication and relevant feedback based on evaluation notes. Last but not least, we’ve just added two dedicated reports to review and improve your process.

Agile Poker Enterprise. Asynchronous task estimating & Data Centre support

Many teams do not have the comfort of sharing office space. More often than not, they’re not even sharing a time-zone. The inspired by the Wideband Delphi methodology asynchronous estimating mode in Agile Poker Enterprise for Jira is a consensus-based method requested by teams working from different locations. Unlike live sessions, asynchronous sessions allow for saving votes and comments. For extra-large organisations we have added Data Centre support in Agile Poker, also supporting teams spread across various locations in large Jira instances. Both of these improvements are reflected in a slight change of our add-on name, now called Agile Poker Enterprise.

Agile Poker Enterprise and Canned Responses Cloud

For Atlassian users on Jira Cloud, we’re bringing this year’s brand new Cloud add-ons: Agile Poker Enterprise for Jira and Canned Responses for Jira. Both are our rising stars so stay tuned for new features and improvements.

Team spirit t-shirts & Spartan ducks

We’ve got two styles of t-shirts in white and red, featuring team spirit and a smiling Spartan riding the five-headed dragon. We’ll also be bringing a few of our limited edition Spartan rubber ducks lovingly designed and brought to life by our marketing team. Intriguing? If you’d like to adopt your very own Spartan rubber duck, step by our booth in San Jose.

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