Testing Cup - why we think it is a great event to visit

One of those events was Testing Cup. This year Testing Cup (http://testingcup.pl/) was held in Katowice on May 23 and 24. On the first day, people for whom quality is key, took part in a testing contest. For a few hours they were looking for bugs and defects and found lots of them! On the second day they had a chance to listen to lectures and attend workshops.

It is all about quality

For us it is simply obligatory to be up-to-date regarding changes and challenges in the QA world, so it was obvious that we had to take part in Testing Cup. Unfortunately, we did not have Spartez testing team in the contest. Nonetheless, our awesome QAs did their best to show how to be a QA at Spartez. They even found a bug (or just special edition ;) in our t-shirts ;)

Testing Cup connecting people!

We all know that the event’s main goal was knowledge sharing but just as crucial was networking. We met a lot of (more than 200 visited our booth) fantastic and energetic people and good dancers at the same time ;) We served them dozen of liters of lemonade during the days (it was sooo hot outside) and it was like we hit the jackpot with the idea!

The event was truly worth visiting! Maybe next year we will have the Spartez team participate in the testing contest - we hope so!

And one more thing: If we haven’t had a chance to meet and talk during this event season, you can reach us via email: talent@spartez.com .

But no worries we will come back to the world of tech events in autumn! Stay tuned!

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