Spartez at Infoshare 2016 - Memories

Picking the best t-shirt design

It’s been our third edition of infoShare as a Sponsor, we knew what we could expect. Traditionally, we had decided to design a new T-shirt. Our idea was to create a Spartan in a holiday context making a reference to Gdańsk city. Sounds simple, but it wasn’t - we had several stormy discussions about which project we should pick. Finally, we decided to print this one:

But the designs which did not make it to the t-shirt this time, ended up as part of an entirely new collection of Spartan stickers:

Grab a lemonade and and chat with us!

We were also wondering about how to encourage people to come to visit our booth and talk to us. Last year we had a coffee stand which turned out to be a great choice but we knew that this year a few companies had planned to do exactly the same. And then the idea of the lemonade bar came up and guess what - our success was repeated :). We have prepared over 1400 lemonadies.

From software developer to CEO

But Spartez at infoShare was not only about great t-shirts and gadgets. Our goal was also to contribute value based on the knowledge and the merits. This is why, when infoShare organizers asked our CEO, Wojciech Seliga, to make his presentation, he was up for the challenge. Wojtek decided to tell his story: Ten lessons I painfully learnt while moving from software developer to entrepreneur/CEO role. After the presentation attendees were asking about Wojciech at our booth as they had some burning questions to ask him. And he patiently tried to answer all of them.

Hope to see you next year!

This year’s infoShare edition has come to an end but we hope to see you next year. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the next year's edition and we believe it will break its own records. If you haven’t been to infoShare but have some specific questions to us. Feel free to contact us at .

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