One codebase for Jira Server & Cloud add-on versions?

Atlassian Connect plugins are sandboxed in a separate iframe - what if the same could also be done for Server (P2) plugins? Moreover, we could use the same codebase in both places, effectively writing two plugins at once. It will add a marginal overhead, but only in the build process, not in the code itself. Additionally, if your frontend code is completely separated, you can avoid MANY potential bugs. Sounds too good to be true?

Watch the "One Code to Rule Them All" presentation delivered by Paweł Murawski, a Team Leader at Spartez, as part of the AtlasCamp 2016 Developer Breakouts.

A few words from Paweł:

My talk on "One Code to Rule Them All" - how a Jira add-on can be written so that the same codebase can be used both for its Server and Cloud versions - was my first ever opportunity to give a speech during a conference. That said, I have good reason to believe it went quite well. Judging by the size and the attention of the audience, as well as the great questions I was approached with following my presentation, it seems that at least some of the attendees may consider using our approach in writing their own Jira plugins.

Both the slides, as well as a video featuring the presentation, are available below:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below or email Paweł directly at

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