Agile Cards for on-premises TFS released!

Two months after releasing Agile Cards to cloud instances of VisualStudio Team Services today we made it also available for download for all on-premises TFS users.

Cloud or On-premises? We got it all covered.

On the morning of Friday 3rd of June, almost exactly two months after the initial release of Agile Cards on VisualStudio Marketplace, we have released Agile Cards v. 0.9.5. This new release brings a highly anticipated and voted support for TFS-based on-premises deployment of Agile Cards. So starting on June 3rd, regardless if you are using a cloud based VisualStudio Team Services, or on-premises TFS, you can benefit from using Agile Cards and build you physical boards right away.

Last two months

The last two months at Spartez were also the first two months of Agile Cards on VisualStudio Marketplace. We are observing a fantastic growth in usage of our solution. Since the date of its initial launch the extension has acquired over 400 individual installs. Thanks to in-built product analytics we know that Agile Cards is being used all around the world in over 40 countries and that the numbers of active sessions and returning customers are constantly growing. This makes us really happy because it means that the product is alive and actively used.

What comes next

During the upcoming several weeks we are going to work closely with Microsoft on publishing the Agile Cards 1.0. Agile Cards 1.0 will introduce the already announced Scanner functionality, allowing the users to close the loop between the physical boards and the digital boards again. The Scanner will make it possible to update the statuses of work items with just a single cell phone photo. And through that bring Agile Cards for VisualStudio closer to complete functional parity with Agile Cards for Jira.

Agile Cards 1.0 will also be the first release of Agile Cards on VisualStudio Marketplace which will allow for the product to be previewed and purchased. The purchased version of Agile Cards will provide full product functionality as well as access to Spartez customer support service. We also plan to provide a basic free version of Agile Cards - for those users who are fine with simple printing capabilities and can do without bi-directional synchronisation of virtual and physical boards.

Are you interested in learning more details about what is coming? Make sure to read one of our earlier blog posts.

If you have not tried Agile Cards yourself do not hesitate and install it on your Cloud instance of VS Team Services or download it to your instance of TFS today!

Share your feedback with us

We are always looking forward to receiving valuable feedback from our customers. And by saying "valuable" we do not mean "praises". We believe that the only way to grow and learn is to accept critical comments, suggestions for enhancements, and to deal with them by making the solution better and stronger. So please do share your feedback with us through And if you happen to really like our product please write a review on VisualStudio Marketplace.

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