Early Adopters want more flexibility with TeamHire

Scary? Or not at all?

When we started work on TeamHire for Jira, we knew that for some of our colleagues working in HR, Jira® in its raw form, can be a scary, hard to tame 'beast'. That's why we thought a custom Candidate issue view would be useful. Much to our surprise, most of our Early Adopters missed the power of a regular issue view. Does it mean that Jira can bring to hiring a lot more than we initially assumed?

Early Adopters meet TeamHire

New products evolve. Usually, when you start with an idea you are driven by your own experiences. But, as the feedback gets in, you realize that your users have different expectations.

One thing we learned recently: Although our application view is pretty, many of you miss the power of regular Jira issue view. That's why we initially wanted to make it easier and more friendly. We came up with an idea of our own Candidates list and Candidate view.

TeamHire custom issue view

Screenshot 1. The customized Candidate view in TeamHire with limited actions: change of status and action tabs featuring internal comments, evaluations (code name: Hero-meter) and email communication with the candidate

Flexibility over customization

We learned fast that our own friendly Candidates list was eye catching but not so functional. In the end we didn't even ship it - hiring teams wanted to have more options and flexibility so we switched to use Jira's out-of-the-box Issue Navigator.

You've expressed similar needs regarding the Candidate issue view. You all told us that it is nice and clean which we appreciate. But some started asking for more advanced features like inline editing, ability to manage attachments, watching, and voting. Or for better support to more complex workflows. For example, we have a workflow that automatically creates comments during transitions. Nowadays, it is error prone as we don't refresh the application view on issue transition.

We could try to fix all those little things. But that would take us time and we would duplicate what Jira offers. We don't want that. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. We want to focus on adding to Jira to make it the best hiring tool.

So we're going to migrate back to regular issue view with all the additions we have. Notes will become Comments as they always were internally. Messages will be there as well, and the Hero-meter will only get a new, more descriptive name (Evaluations). You will get a nice CV preview, too. Below is the new view we will be shipping to the Atlassian Marketplace soon.

TeamHire Jira issue view

Screenshot 2. The new issue view in TeamHire for Jira.

Hope it will actually help you achieve what you want with TeamHire for Jira. We would love to hear your feedback in comments below or at marketing@spartez.com.

If you haven't tried TeamHire for Jira yet, you can try it for free. Simply download the trial version from the Atlassian Marketplace, install on your Jira® and create your first hiring project.

You can also read the story behind TeamHire for Jira in the post Fast-tracking job candidates in Jira.

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