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The hiring team can be so diverse in terms of everyday roles that waste happens due to the team's diversity alone. Not to mention the process coverage and depth. Do you need help closing the gaps in the process? Recruiters, managers and interviewers need best-in-class collaboration and task tracking.

When designing our own applicant tracking system (ATS), our conclusion was that the best bedrock for our TeamHire was Jira. Its collaboration, customization and reporting powers are well known. Not to mention that it's already used by development, IT and many of the HR teams.

When you're hitting 100 applications a month

In the last two years, the Spartez hiring team have processed almost 2500 job candidates for software-related positions. The outcome of the process is our team. And the pace is only increasing. Every month, we're evaluating over 100 software professionals. In this journey, our hiring process has been improved for consistency, candidate friendliness and response times. Unfortunately, the software supporting it always fell short of expectations.

What didn’t we like in the ATS systems we evaluated?

Well, the non-transparent pricing for starters. But also the intended use was different from our own process and often the software was just clunky. It’s a subject for a separate post. We decided to use an existing ATS but, at the same time, started designing our ideal hiring environment that would fulfill the needs of growing tech companies like ours.

We realized Jira has a lot of what we need, but not everything

So, what did we expect and did not find in the ATS but found in Jira? Here are a few things we need in our hiring projects:

  1. great task management
  2. a workflow engine that allows for process customization
  3. excellent internal communication
  4. integration with existing tools and processes
  5. customizable dashboards and reporting

The above features are already in Jira and many HR teams use them in their recruitment projects. Still, there were a few features missing in Jira and we decided to fill the gaps for the hiring teams.

TeamHire for Jira was born to fine-tune Jira for hiring

In 2015, our plans were fueled by the encouraging statistics from Atlassian. We learned that almost 30% of Jira users are in non-technical teams and HR is among the biggest groups adopting Jira as its preferred project tracker. We went to a few Atlassian and agile-related events to showcase and discuss our idea with Jira users and the tech community. And it hit the right note. We found more than a few companies willing to learn more and test our new hiring Jira add-on. Conversations at these events provided extra motivation, ideas and a few real-life scenarios.

We chose to start with on-premise Jira to give better control over pilot deployment in-house and for our first customers. Full ownership and control of the data were also crucial in the decision.

The first key features we’ve built are:

  1. integration with your job ads via the customizable “Apply form”
  2. dedicated “Candidate view” with internal and external communication history, contact data and resume
  3. external communication via email from the “Candidate view” with customizable message templates

Our roadmap below, depends on the voice of the customer.

  1. visualization of process statistics with built-in hiring funnel and gap analyses
  2. integration with coding tests
  3. evaluation templates for screening calls and interviews
  4. full-text CV search
  5. contextual interviewer support with relevant instructions depending on the stage


In early November 2015, we went live. The "Apply form" integrated with the Spartez Java developer job ad started “creating candidates” in our first hiring project powered by TeamHire. How did it go? It worked. We processed many and successfully recruited a new colleague who submitted his resume via the first production instance. On the way, we fixed many bugs and corrected inconsistencies. We tested everything. Problems with emails, interview evaluation templates, coding tests and workflow transitions were fixed as soon as noticed.

Now we are ready for the world to see TeamHire for Jira.

The “Apply form” customized in TeamHire for Jira can be integrated within your company site and linked to the hiring project in Jira. This screenshot is our dogfooding and first production instance.

Meet TeamHire for Jira

In our hiring process, a huge amount of senior developers' time is spent on technical interviews and writing evaluations. In Jira, there is no switching time and hiring tasks will appear in the same dashboard as development issues. Customized evaluation forms for technical interviews, integrated coding tests plus a familiar range of collaboration tools like notifications and mentions are among the tech interviewers' helpers.

Detailed "Candidate view" in Jira with email messages tab active while changing candidate status from Phone screening to Scheduling Tech Interview.

Hiring dashboard customized in Jira. For domain experts the dashboard can show both development and hiring tasks.

Customized Java developer evaluation template. Multiple interviewers can comment on each of the areas.

You can try TeamHire for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace.

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