Image Annotator Jira integrations

When submitting or working on a Jira issue do you often find that attaching an annotated image is the best means of explaining what you want to say? Whether you're a developer dealing with a user interface bug, a supporter exchanging information with a customer, a UX designer contributing to a mockup or a manager sharing some graphically presented data, this is bound to sound familiar.

If you often illustrate your issues with screenshots, you repeatedly go through the following steps:

  1. take a screenshot using the 'Print Screen' button for Windows or, if you're working on Mac, the extremely intuitive key combination 'Ctrl + Cmd + Shift + 3' (you can use '4' instead of '3' to select only a part of the screen),
  2. save the screenshot,
  3. open the saved screenshot in some external image editing app,
  4. annotate the screenshot,
  5. save it again and only then...
  6. voila: attach it to your issue.

We grew tired of this and decided to shorten the list with our Image Annotator for Jira add-on.
One of the most important reasons why Image Annotator is so friendly and easy to use is its seamless integration with Jira. The add-on allows you to edit screenshots directly in issue view, without the need to use any external application.
Now your list looks like this:

  1. take a screenshot,
  2. in the Jira issue view open the 'Attach Screenshot' popup,
  3. click the 'Edit' button & annotate your screenshot,
  4. click 'Save' (or 'Save As' if you want to change the filename)

And you're done; ready to start work on something else.

Here's an Image Annotator Pro-Tip for you: after taking your screenshot you can go to the Jira issue view and just hit 'Cmd/Ctrl + V'. This will instantly invoke the 'Attach Screenshot' popup with your screenshot already there. This way you can annotate screenshots even faster!

Another handy integration point is in Jira Agile. The newest version of Image Annotator for Jira can open image attachments straight on the Agile Board. This works exactly the same way as in the Issue view; you just need to place your mouse cursor over any image attachment and click the Highlighter icon.

These integrations will definitely speed up your work up and improve productivity while using Jira. Image Annotator saves time and effort, so you can now concentrate more on the essence of what you need to comunicate, rather than struggle with disconnected tools.

Try Image Annotator for Jira for free from the Atlassian Marketplace and let us know what you think about our add-on.

If you have an idea for something more that Image Annotator could do for you just drop us an email at - we value user feedback as one of the best sources of new feature and product ideas.

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