Easy asset management: Ephor for Jira 1.3

Just before Christmas we’ve released a new version of our Ephor Asset Manager for Jira.
We have invested in several areas of Ephor: support for mobile devices, new reports, better searchability, powerful remote API - it's all there.
Read on for details.

Scanning and viewing assets with a mobile device

Do you want to keep an eye on your assets by using your mobile device? Both Ephor for Jira, as well as its twin brother, Ephor standalone, now offer a mobile view, which can be used on devices such as smartphones. This view contains a simplified item browser, which lets you browse item categories and perform searches. It also allows viewing and editing items/assets.

The mobile view is especially suited for a usage model in which you scan an item's QR code label (previously generated from Ephor and attached to the item) using your mobile device, go to the URL of an item and view or edit some of its fields.

Jira Graphs for items, item types and categories

Statistics and reports can be very helpful in identifying bottlenecks and optimising your processes. Ephor lets you add an Asset custom field to your issues; when an asset is set in the custom field, Ephor creates a link from the issue to the asset. Ephor for Jira also allows you to add a custom field to your Service Desk request forms, so that you can easily select assets to be directly associated with your requests.

With Ephor for Jira 1.3 the Asset custom field in Jira and Service Desk can now be used to generate statistics pie charts, which show how many issues are associated with a given asset and allowing you to generate charts for various situations (for example, "not resolved issues", "issues updated recently", etc.).

In addition to pie charts with individual asset statistics, you can also create charts where the evaluated statistic is an asset's type or category. Values for a given slice of the pie will be calculated based on type or category of an asset set in the Asset custom field in your Jira issues.

Functional searches

Have you ever been in a need to find assets by complex criteria? In addition to searching using contents of fields, item types and categories as criteria, Ephor for Jira 1.3 allows for searching using search functions. To use this feature, you simply need to type a search function name and parameters in the search box. There is a limited number of currently supported search functions, such as “searches for items with given IDs” or “searches for a user’s primary item”, but more search functions are coming up with new Ephor versions.

Remote API

Scalability is really important, especially when we think about broadening the solutions’ capabilities. Ephor uses very powerful remote API. This API is used by Ephor front-end (its web pages), but it can also be used by external agents, to query Ephor for information about assets, as well as for creating and updating asset information.

Start your free Ephor Asset Manager for Jira evaluation today!
Learn more about Ephor 1.3 from the add-on’s documentation.

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