Spartez Open Day 2

This time we have set the success bar higher than in our first edition.

Why? The main reason is that it was our second Open Day event, we made improvements based on constructive feedback from previous event.

We knew what we did great last time and what we should improve, change etc..

We wanted to keep the same or higher level of interests in our event.

The major factor was to have various groups of guests, taking into account profession, years of experience.

Part 1 - chat, drink and learn what's ahead

When the clock struck the zero hour, our office started getting filled with our guests. For each guest we prepared a welcome pack with our swags. Also, everyone received a secret number from 1 to 3. Then our visitors could chat, drink or grab something to eat. At 5 pm our co-CEO Wojciech Seliga greeted the guests and introduced our Open Day agenda. We also discovered the secret of numbers i.e. 1, 2, 3 - each number represented the group in which the guests were assigned during the tour around our office.

Part 2 - company tour, recruitment process and quiz

So... the tour started. Each group visited all of our teams, people could ask questions directly to our team members and saw our office. After the tour, there was a short break to have something to drink or eat. Next, Wojciech Seliga started his presentation on Spartez recruitment process and our open positions. Wojtek also reffered to the myths about Spartez. All wrapped up with a Q&A session. After that we prepared a 6-question quiz about Spartez and rewared 6 guests with laptop backpacks.

Part 3 - socializing

After quite active second part it was time for socializing and the Open Day cake. Also during this time we had a lot of interesting talks. The party at the office finished at 10 p.m. and relocated to Stacja De Luxe for after-party. During the event we hosted 78 guests, only 1 person visited us second time. We have already sent as after Open Day survey to all guests to receive constructive feedback. So far we received over 50% of responses. What was important, many of our employees where were engaged in the event preparation. Also 3 of our founders took active part in our event, some of you had a chance to speak with them. We think that it's the most positive thing that the whole Spartez team, including leaders & managers were involved. It really shows that we're still very positive and unsual company where everyone actively supports the company's initiatives. This is the reason why we come to work with smiles on our faces.

Here you can find some photos from our event.

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