Our old/new office

The main reason of the expansion was to increase our capacity from 75 people to about 110.

To create common spaces appropriate for so many people we've decided to redesign our office.

We also invested a lot into equipment: new video conferencing units, acoustic panels, wallboards or professional A/V equipment in our biggest conference room (70 people).

Redesign is still not completed in 100% that's why we share with you a few photos showing the highlights of the office after the expansion and redesign.

New Regular Office Space

New conference rooms: Submarine, Delirium and Aquarium.

New kitchen and lunch area: 32 seats, all equipment doubled: 2 sinks, 2 fridges, 2 coffee machines, etc.

There is enough convenient space to play card or board games!

Small chillout-room (mandatory silence!) - so far quite rough, more decoration coming.

Our spare capacity currently allows us to have a dedicated table tennis room.

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