Agile 2015 Retrospective

With 2,300 attendees, Agile 2015 was a record-breaking conference filled with scrum masters, agile consultants, product owners, project managers and many other agile enthusiasts. Our Agile 2015 team, the booth warriors aka 'the sticker people', were Katarzyna Derenda, our Product Portfolio Manager, Paweł Murawski, a Front-End Developer in the Spartez Product Team, and Wojciech Seliga, our co-founder and co-CEO.

Photos: From the left Katarzyna Derenda, Paweł Murawski and Wojciech Seliga

What was on display from Spartez?

First of all, our bestseller, Agile Cards for Jira. The attendees visiting our booth liked the syncing of the Jira board and the physical board using our plugin. A new feature, reordering issues during a backlog grooming session and syncing the paper issue order back to Jira was also appreciated.

The collaborative estimating in Jira Agile generated interest among those who practice team estimating. We have developed a new mode for our Agile Poker for Jira plugin. It is seamlessly integrated with Jira Agile and can be used for estimating with live board updates and following all the planning poker rules.

We also had on show a few glimpses of our new product, code-named TeamHire for Jira, a recruitment Jira plugin for development teams. It makes use of the Jira board to visualize the recruitment workflow and collaboration capabilities. Our aim is to make the process fast and team friendly, plus provide some data-driven insights.

We found that our Agile Cards rock! The "wow effect" was immense for the new KR codes by Krystian Wróblewski. Thenew version of Agile Poker stirred quite a lot of interest, too. We also spoke about our new product TeamHire and a few companies are interested in serious beta-testing. There were great mockups by Jacek Czarniecki.

On the first day, we talked to over one hundred attendees and it's a pity we cannot share this with you, but we did not have a moment to take a photo of the traffic to our booth. We'll remember it though. We did hear quite a few people say: "Wow! Really?! Awesome!" And we hope that it's not just the positive American spirit. It was highly enjoyable to meet in person both customers and agile enthusiasts to exchange views on everyday agile practice.

Last but not least, the Spartan theme of our SWAGs was appreciated by many more than just attendees from Michigan state. We've heard multiple times that the stickers by our Graphic/UX Designer Maria Posternak are the greatest SWAG of all. Below you can see some photo shots that we managed to take.

On the way back, we decided to stop for two days in NYC. Plenty of the brands surrounding us were also familiar from our customer list. On Broadway, for example, we saw an issue of Playbill before seeing a great show. It's great to know Spartez contributed in a very small way to such a great product as a Broadway musical.

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