Sport Addicted Developers

First meet our Java Developer at Fecru Team - Maciej Świnarski. Maciek is a 'legend' for us. In 2007 Maciek made his dream come true and, with two other guys, he completed a trip called motosyberia ( On motorbikes, Maciek with his friends went from Gdańsk to Magadan. For this expedition, the whole team received a distinction at Kolosy 2007 (awards for the most interesting achievements of the year in the following categories: travel, sailing, mountaineering, caving and performance of the year). For over 2 years Maciek has been taking part in all kinds of marathons, triathlons etc... . Recently, he took part in the Gdańsk Triathlon on July 19th. Every day you can meet him biking to/from work etc. no matter the weather.

When speaking about biking we must also mention Ignat Alexeyenko, our Java Developer and a biking maniac. Last year he completed "Runmagedon" in Sopot and the "Gdansk Run". This year Ignat for the first time took part in the Gdańsk Triathlon. Ignat also participiated in the Metropolitan great bike ride in June.

Our colleague Grzegorz Tańczyk, a Web Developer in our Jira Team, is not only a talented developer but also a big fan of Capoeira, which he's practicing since he was 15 years old. Grzegorz took part in "Runmagedon 2014". This year he participated in the "Terrain Massacre" in June in Bydgoszcz together with Maciej Opala, also a Web Developer in Jira, and Pawel Niewiadomski.

Maciej Opala is one of our youngest Web Developers. He started his adventuare with coding in high school and joined our team just after graduation. Just like Grzegorz, he took part in "Runmagedon 2014" and "Terrain Massacre". Maciek is a big fan of gym. Together with Grzegorz and Ignat they are preparing to take part in the 'Marine Commando Race' which will take place on 29th of August 2015 in Gdynia.

Last but not least, Paweł Niewiadomski, one of Spartez founders, previously the Team Leader of Jira Team, now Team Lead at Spartez Products Team. Paweł is, like his colleagues, a big fan of biking, gym training and taking part in off-road races. Pawel is also an ambassador of the Paleo Diet. He is not only living this way but also encouraging others to change unhealthy eating habits via his blog .

Photos: Starting from left Maciej Świnarski, Ignat Alexeyenko, Grzegorz Tańczyk, Maciej Opala, Paweł Niewiadomski .

Below you can find photos from trips and events our sport maniacs participated in.

Photo: "Motosyberia" trip participants Madgan 2007.


Photos: On the first on the left Ignat, on the second on the right Maciek S. at Gdansk Triathlon on 19.07.2015

Photos: On the first on the left Ignat, on the second on the right Maciej O. and Grzegorz at "Runmagedon 2014" 19-20.07.2014

Photo: "Terrain Massacre" 06.2015

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