Agile2015, Aug 3–7. Meet Spartez in Washington D.C.

This year, Spartez is sponsoring the Agile Alliance conference for the first time. The conference program is so rich and action-packed that it'll be hard to stay in our booth.

Whether you meet us in our booth or in the conference venue, don't forget to ask us about Spartez and its products.

Read more about Spartez and Agile 2015 at

Spartez at Agile 2015

We're bringing a new product announcement and the following new features to Washington D.C..

1. Three functionalities have been added to Agile Cards for Jira, one of the bestselling Jira plugins:

  • avatars and flexible layout in the printed-issue template editor;
  • backlog grooming with printed cards and photo scanner to update the Jira backlog (preview); and
  • improved mobile uploading of physical board status to the Jira digital board (preview).

2. Agile Poker for Jira has befriended Jira Agile. With its new work mode for Jira Agile, you estimate issues directly in your sprint or backlog views. The Jira Agile mode includes live board updates during voting, friendly discussion and voting timer, and asynchronous voting for Scrum and Kanban Jira boards. The Atlassian Marketplace release is planned for early August. Exclusive preview during the conference.

3. We are also working on a new Jira plugin for fast-growing teams. Its code name is TeamHire for Jira. We're developing this plugin for software teams that collaborate to select new team members in a highly competitive recruitment environment. We are aiming to:

  • streamline communication between interviewers, recruiters, and candidates;
  • facilitate large volumes of candidates and provide statistics on the process; and
  • integrate with LinkedIn and other social media.

See you in Washington.

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