TFS4JIRA 5.0 released with Git support

From now on the TFS4JIRA users can choose whether they wish to synchronise their TFS or GIT source repositories in TFS4JIRA Synchroniser.

When configuring check-ins synchronization, on the Create source repository dialog, you can choose the version control system you use (Team Foundation Version Control or Git). The repository will be configured based on the existing synchronization profile settings.

A tip for GIT users: In Git repository settings, hash at which commit the scanning process should be started. That's where the synchroniser will start scan looking for Jira issue keys. When this field is left empty, the whole repository will be scanned. This parameter is useful for limiting the time it takes TFS4JIRA to initially update its database.

You can download TFS4JIRA 5.0 plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace, and the TFS4JIRA Synchroniser from the TFS4JIRA product page

In order to use Git repositories you need to download and install the Git client for Windows. See this documentation page for details.