TestingCup 2015. And the best presenter is...

This year, our QA Team Leader Michał Kujałowicz was speaking at the TestingCup 2015 event in Wrocław.

On May 13, Michał had a presentation titled:"Toast for quality, toast for quality assistance". Yesterday, we read great news on the conference website.

The event's organizer published an article saying that, based on participants' voting, Michał had the best presentation at the TestingCup 2015! Michał impressed the audience not only with his knowledge and approach to quality but also with his passion he had shown while presenting.

You can find more details in the event's summary (in Polish).

As a team, we are very proud to have Michał here with us :-)!

Are you curious? Check Michał's presentation out: Toast 4 Quality Assistance, Testing Cup 2015 (in English).

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