New estimating add-on from Spartez

The new estimating add-on is standing on the shoulders of Agile Poker for Jira and is aiming to address some of the needs communicated to us by our customers. Some of the needs could not be addressed by Agile Poker because of the architecture issues.

The key improvements in Agile Estimates are:

1. seamless integration with Jira Agile - you don't need to create a special session for estimating. All your team needs to do is look at the board in Jira and enable Agile Estimates to participate in estimating based on planning poker methodology;

2. instant board updates during estimating plus information who has made changes and how they've affected the board or backlog;

3. some focus enablers like the blue badge to keep focused at one issue at a time, and a handy timer;

We have also decided not to include text chat in Agile Estimates. In case of distributed teams, we advise a voice connection of your choice.

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