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Thursday, Sept 24th

14:25 - 14:45 / DevTrends Stage / How to lead teams towards successful outcomes?

As IT leaders, we often ask ourselves how to keep our dynamically developing teams motivated. What to do in order not to stray from the chosen course and at the same time embrace the potential of our people? How to build and support employee engagement? At Spartez, we have been building products that users love for over a dozen years. However, we do not forget about the success and motivation of our teams. I will tell you about how we achieve our goals and what we have learned over the years of our work on Atlassian products. In my presentation, you will learn why values, long-term vision, goals and success metrics are important in a company, what techniques to use to focus on the customer and why coding should not be the only task of engineers. Join me!   

Gosia Gulgowska-Kowalska

Psychologist who has specialized in managing products and product development teams for many years. As a Senior Group Product Manager at Spartez, Gosia currently focuses on developing the Atlassian products suite. She is passionate about building products that solve problems for their users, a fan of the customer-centric approach & data driven work and a believer in the power of teamwork.

A mother of three, in her free time writes a blog about books.   

Friday, Sept 25th

9:45 - 10:25 / Backend Stage / The new wave of Java web frameworks: Quarkus, Micronaut, Helidon

You might have heard about some of them or maybe even about all: Micronaut, Quarkus and Helidon. And you probably wonder: What are those frameworks? What is the difference between them? What makes them stand out when compared to JEE and Spring Boot? Would I have to learn a lot of new stuff if I wanted to start using them? My goal is to answer those and other questions and help you decide if the new wave of Java web frameworks is worth your time.

Maciej Przepióra

Writing computer programs has been my passion since I was a kid, so when I finished my mixed studies (Molecular Biology and Computer Science) at College of Interfaculty Individual Studies in Maths and Natural Sciences at Warsaw University, IT was only natural career choice. I have been developing web applications in Java and JavaScript for more than 10 years for companies all around the world. My speaking experiences include Devoxx.PL, JDD and Confitura.

Atlassian has acquired Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. (formerly Spartez sp. z o.o. sp. k.), the company that has been primarily providing software research & development services for Atlassian since its inception.

If you are interested in a job at Atlassian, please visit the Careers page. The Spartez R&D Sp. z o.o. website will no longer be maintained separately. Please refer to or reach out through Contact Page for any questions.

Spartez Software, the company that is focused on the products business, will continue to develop its products and is not affected by the acquisition. If you are interested in these products, Spartez Software, or need support, please visit

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